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Make Something – How to price your work. A simple technique


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Make Something – How to price your work. A simple technique. A helpful video on how to come up with a a base rate and value your work as an artist. King Kong


Podcast – Episode 005 – Asha Thomas


Artist 2.0 Podcast – Episode 005 – This week I’m talking to Asha Thomas about her journey as a dancer, from getting into the famous Juilliard performing arts school in New York City to joining the prestigious Alvin Ailey American Dance company. And now stating her journey as a solo artist and producing her own dance pieces and choreography.

Asha Thomas was lucky enough to find her passion and talent in life very early. Dancing for as long as she can remember, going to a performing arts high school, getting into Juilliard and working for the world renowned  Alvin Ailey American Dance company. Her career has been full of high performace and working with top dancers and choreograpohers, now as a freelance dancer we speak about how she keeps herself motivated and meetings the same high standards outside of these prestigious institutions and starting her own dance company in Paris.


Podcast – Episode 004 – Angela Solo


Artist 2.0 Podcast – Episode 004 – Angela Solo speaks about her successful crowd funding campaign and up upcoming CD launch.

Angela Solo has been trying to produce her album for 5 years. Her first two attempts ended with her loosing her masters. Not ready to give up on her dream she decided to start again and this time was not going to let anything stop her. A year after launching her Go fund me champaign, Angela is about to cross the finish line with only weeks left to her bigger than life launch party in Canada.

Listen to the episode and her hear how she faced it all with guile and grace.

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Twitter: angelasolomtl
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If You Learn This, Your Life Will Never Be The Same (Law Of Attraction)


Podcast – Episode 003 – Jua Amir

Jua Amir speaks on disappoint, rejection, ego and the importance of spirituality for an artist.

This episode of the Artist 2.0 podcast I’m getting crazy with Jua Amir, a man with so many outlets for his talents, there isn’t even a label that could describe it all. Over some drinks, and laughs we talk about how believing in yourself effects your journey as an artist, he talks about his battle with the ego and how his fall from grace led him to a place of inspiration and creativity. This is an episode you won’t want to miss, Jua doesn’t hold back on anything, and tells us about all the disappointment and rejection one has to face as an artist, and how to move forward towards bigger goals and opportunities. 

Jua Amir recommends… 
Principle – “The ability to construct and pull from a belief system and create a new one.”

”In the midst of the storm, find your heartbeat and ask your heart all your introspective questions.”

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Singing Earth Devine –

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